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& bodywork techniques




Fees & Services
FALL SPECIAL!  For newbies (or anyone that has not had a session for a year) get the first full body massage for $70, book the next one for half the price.  Offer good until December 21, 2017.  Do it now!  You know you need it!

Shiatsu - Eclectic - $70
- 60 to 75 minutes whole body shiatsu massage incorporationg other bodywork techniques

Shiatsu -
Traditional - $70 - 60 to 75 minute whole body with meridian work 

Qi Gong Energy Enhancement - $75 - 60 minutes

Neck, Face & Shoulders - $250 - Five Consecutive 45 minute facial points and massage using fingertips to stimulate circulation, rid face of excess puffiness, and brighten overall appearance.  Also aids in relief of sinus inflammation and headache. (Must be five consecutive sessions.)

Seated Chair Massage - $150 per hour plus $25 dollar mileage/set up fee

Shiatsu Lecture/Demo - free
Basic intro to Traditional Chinese Medical Theory Lecture/Demo - free 

Referrals - Refer three (3) new full paying clients, get one free massage 

Packages and Gift Certificates are available.

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