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illuminata shiatsu massage and bodywork techniques exists to provide professional superior educated bodywork, massage and energy work in a clean, positive, compassionate and organized atmosphere. 

illuminata, begun in 1998, was a natural offshoot of a lifetime of study of the human and animal body through dance and observation. 

Assisting with the balance of the four bodies as they are stated in Traditional Chinese Medicine - Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual - is our goal.  The name illuminata is a feminization of the Italian word for 'enlightenment.'

Who do we serve?
illuminata's client and student base includes children to elders with chronic disease or no conditions whatsoever. Among clients are professionals, sports enthusiasts, M.D.'s, nurses, tradespeople, retired, and young and old from every walk of life.  You are invited to join the family!

5 West Keystone Avenue, Wilmington, DE 19804 - Google illuminata shiatsu massage for directions.

Hours are by appointment with primary days being 
  Tuesday - 8am-9pm
  Thursday - 8am-6pm
       and other days scheduled as needed for overflow.

Contact Information:
MAILING: 5 West Keystone Avenue, Wilmington, DE 19804
PHONE: 302.999.1000



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